Freediving for the first time #AlohaCara

Are you one of the girls who dreamed of being a mermaid? How about those amazing hooman who loved the ocean but don’t know how to swim or not that confident in deep water? Well, that’s our common denominator.

I love the ocean, more than I love anything in this world (as of now). I enjoy watching videos and documentaries about it every single night before I go to sleep. Blue is my favorite color. I collect things – from mermaid keychain, postcards, accessories, even my tumblers. This is the reason why I love Starbucks too, aside from their great coffee. In fact, I think I’m kind of obsessed with it.

With all these in mind, reality check, I’m not that confident swimming in deep water until I tried freediving for the first time. 1 check on my #Aloha2019Goals!


4 things I’ve learned from this unforgettable moment in my life:

1. Never dive alone.
The number one rule of freediving is – Never dive alone. You always need to have a safety buddy every time to avoid any circumstances and accidents.

2. Know the basics.
From breathing exercises, equalization, basic swimming techniques, safety measures, and equipment. Learn from everyone you know, but I suggest to learn from the experts. I learned mine with Juan Dive Pinas.


3. Relax.
This is the key to breath-hold diving. Always remember that we are buoyant in the water and as long as all your muscles are not intense, you will float. Deep, slow, calm breaths help lower your heart rate so your body will conserve oxygen.

4. Explore. Enjoy. Preserve.
Explore the underwater world with one breath. Immerse yourself in the water while enjoying the view and the extraordinary feelings of it. Protect the deep and preserve it in every way.

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