‘Til Death, We Do Art. #AlohaCara

When the year started, I told myself that I’ll go back to blogging. So, this is my comeback post.

For those who personally know me, they can confirm that I always have my yearly goals. So for the year, one of my goals is to go back on blogging and I wanted to start it by changing the name of my blog. From now on, you’ll be enjoying this blog as – Aloha Cara.

I’ve been using these words as my hashtags from my previous travel posts and then one day, I just realized that it fits me well – Hawaiian vibes, oceans,  and it rhymes with my name so why the hell not?

I have a lot of contents and creative ideas on my mind right now and hopefully, I can allot time for it (I’ll promise to try my best. 😉) I’m also planning to blog my previous travels with itineraries, must-visit tourist spots and everything in between. But for the meantime, I would like to share with you how I motivated myself to blog again and the reason why I’m writing this blog now.

I have a checklist on everything I do – at work, when traveling, daily to do’s, so I always end up doing my “checklist” every year. These checklists helped me to identify my goals and guides me on how should I achieve it. Checklist, for people like me, is a way of motivating ourselves to do things with fulfillment (by checking all the box :D)

So this year, I came up with a checklist of specific things “I want to do, again.” These items are the things I’ve always loved to do but I was not able to do now, and some things that I’ve always wanted to do but I don’t have the courage to do it.

These goals have been my inspiration since the year started and no joke, I’ve been checking it every night before I go to sleep wishing I have something put a check on. So everyone, here are my #Aloha2019Goals:

  • Mermaid Hair
  • To climb 2 mountains
  • Get my Driver’s License
  • Learn freediving
  • Get back to Blogging
  • Plane rides
  • Join 8 volunteering/charity activities
  • Paint 9 Masterpiece
  • Save -00,000 pesos by the end of the year
  • Get a new tattoo
  • Join 5 Fun Run
  • Visit 5 Museums
  • Enjoy 13 Beaches
  • To get drunk (so drunk)
  • Print/Make a photo album of my photos
  • Meet 19 NEW friends that you will keep in touch forever
  • 1 International Flight
  • 19 Books to read
  • Invest in something (car, condo, insurance, etc.)

Expect all my posts will be based on this list. I only have 5 months to go, Want to join me achieving my #Aloha2019Goals? 😊

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