Climbing Mt. Pico De Loro 2nd Time Around #AlohaCara

I had my first climb last November 30, 2015 and it was when I’ve reached the Summit of Mt. Pico De Loro.  Mt. Pico De Loro is my Mother Mountain.  

As a beginner, it was hard. I didn’t know the things to prepare (from how many liters of water to bring, the clothes to wear, etc.), the terms and words that I heard from the people around me, I didn’t even had the right shoes! I was terrified.

But when I had my first step at the Summit, I knew from then that it was a start of something new in my life. 


A lot of my friends asked me why I climb. And, like the most of you, I did experienced that “Scene” with your Mom where she will say “Bakit mo ba ginagawa yan? Ano bang napapala mo dyan? Pinapagod mo lang sarili mo.” or this.. “Ang bata bata mo pa, baka mamaya ma-disgrasya ka pa dyan sa pamu-mundok mo!” .

But why do I climb mountains? Ok let’s make it into bullets:

  • A part of this is because I’m single and I have all the time in this world.
  • I want to meet new people with the same interest of mine, and maybe meet that Guy that I can spend my life with (if the World still exist by that time, haha.)
  • I want to challenge myself. I want to know how strong I am and I want to discover my limitations.



But my number one reason, maybe same reason that most climbers has, I just want to escape my life. I want to forget the things I’m into when I’m in the City. I want to appreciate the things people don’t usually see, people don’t usually experience.



So then, last September 25, 2016, I went back to the place where it all started. I climbed Mt. Pico De Loro, again. And this time it’s not that hard anymore. But the view and the experience was still the same like the first time.

0300 – Meet Up Starmall, Coastal
0330 – ETD
0500 – ETA at Ternate Jump Off
0900 – Start Trek ( Delayed due to some issue)
1300 – Summit
1700 – Wash up
1900 – Back to Manila

Gulong Mountaineers
Gulong Mountaineers